[LAA] [LAD] [LAU] Guitarix 0.37.3 released

Hermann Meyer brummer- at web.de
Sun Jul 22 06:52:48 CEST 2018

Guitarix release 0.37.0

Guitarix is a tube amplifier simulation for
jack (Linux), with an additional mono and a stereo effect rack.
Guitarix includes a large list of LV2 and LADSPA plugins, and support 
LADSPA / LV2 plugs as well in it's racks.

The guitarix engine is designed for LIVE usage, and feature ultra fast, 
glitch and click free preset switching and is full Midi and remote 
controllable (the Web UI is not included in the distributed tar ball).

  From the changelog:

   * add support for zita-convolver4
   * implemented "Thick Distortion" plugin by Viacheslav Lotsmanov
   * switch to use libcurl for download online presets
   * point online help to reddit/guitarix (guitarix forum is closed)
   * add direct output unit for drumsequencer (bypass rack)
   * add overdubbing to live looper
   * add direct output support to live looper (bypass rack)
   * add midi channel selector, fix bug #64

Refer to our project page for more information:

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