[LAA] Beast 0.13.0 released

Tim Janik timj at gnu.org
Fri Feb 8 14:34:31 CET 2019

Beast version 0.13.0 is released.

Beast is a Free Software (LGPLv2+) music synthesizer,
composer and #DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).

It provides a #MIDI #sequencer, unlimited undo, real-time #synthesis,
support for Linux #Audio Plugins (#LADSPA v1), Soundfont 2, WAV, AIFF,
Vorbis, Gus Patch, FLAC and MP3 files, 32bit audio rendering, full
duplex support, multi-core audio rendering, SIMD utilisation and
precise timing.

The source code is available via Git or tarball, pre-built binaries
are provided for #Linux.

        →→→  https://beast.testbit.org/#downloads  ←←←

While writing these lines, the Beast 0.13.0 tarball and AppImage are
just finishing the upload to the website. This is the first release
that features an AppImage build of Beast. After downloading and making
the AppImage executable, it can run on any Ubuntu-18.04 or Fedora-27
compatible Linux system.

The new experimental ebeast UI can be started with:

    ./beast-0.13.0.x64.AppImage --ebeast

Here is the shortlog.

Nil Geisweiller (1):
      Remove Rapicorn requirement from README.md

Stefan Westerfeld (17):
      BSE: adapt midi import code to use the new Song C++ properties
      BSE: bseitem: fix undo resolve crash
      BSE: Song::tpqn: port property to C++
      BSE: Song::denominator: port property to C++
      BSE: Song::numerator: port property to C++
      BSE: Song::tick_pointer: use C++ false rather than FALSE macro
      BEAST-GTK: use C++ property Song::tick_pointer
      BSE: Song::tick_pointer: port property to C++
      BEAST-GTK: use C++ property Song::loop_right
      BSE: Song::loop_right: port property to C++
      BSE: bseapi: use constants SKIP_DEFAULT / SKIP_UNDO for ported properties
      BEAST-GTK: use C++ property Song::loop_left
      BSE: Song::loop_left: port property to C++
      BEAST-GTK: bsttrackview: cleanup signal disconnect code
      BEAST-GTK: bsttrackview: use C++ property Song::loop_enabled
      BEAST-GTK: bsttrackview: introduce scoped handle Bse::SongS
      BSE: Song::loop_enabled: port property to C++

Teteros (1):
      EBEAST: Update electron-packager

Tim Janik (400):
      NEWS: release 0.13.0
      README.md: update note on binary packages
      NEWS: add 0.13.0 news
      NEWS: fixup news titles for markdown
      PO: Makefile.am: fix 'check-update-po' to also ignore 'POT-Creation-Date'
      PO: de: fix fuzzy translations
      PO: updates for 'make dist'
      PO: Makefile: fix check-messages.po generation
      .travis.yml: avoid cd-ing into possibly missing directory
      .travis.yml: also fetch tags when fetching unshallow
      .travis.yml: fix stage names
      .travis.yml: use TRAVIS_BUILD_NUMBER to isolate linting cache
      .travis.yml: consolidate linting stages
      .travis.yml: merge GCC stages and build only linting in ~/beast
      .travis.yml: fix ciwitness argument order
      .travis.yml: fix job names
      .travis.yml: allow fedora to fail
      .travis.yml: add ubsan check
      .travis.yml: single stage asan, swap asan to stage3, fedora to stage2
      .travis.yml: swap fedora Stage3 order
      MISC: ciwitness.sh: use tee to follow the output in realtime
      .travis.yml: add asan test to allow_failures
      MISC: ciwitness.sh: add logging wrapper around failing cibuild.sh attempts
      .travis.yml: create and upload asan build logs
      MISC: Dockerfile-apt, applyenv.sh, dockerbuild.sh: remove obsolete build tools
      TOOLS: bsewavetool: fix NULL pointer handling
      BEAST-GTK: gxkscrollcanvas: deallocate 'new' memory with 'delete'
      .travis.yml: merge Linting-3 clang-tidy + listunused + listhacks + bintray
      .travis.yml: test Fedora-27 builds
      MISC: Dockerfile-yum: make Fedora base image a build-arg
      .travis.yml: simplify Stage1 setups
      .travis.yml: give 'GCC' pipeline priority over 'Linting'
      MISC: Dockerfile-yum: rename (from 'Dockerfile.fedora27')
      .travis.yml: merge GCC appimage + check stages
      .travis.yml: rename 'Gcc' pipeline (from 'AppImage')
      .travis.yml: merge appimage check + bintray for faster uploads
      .travis.yml: use multi-stage CI builds for linting and appimage
      MISC: cibuild.sh: use timjanik/beast:cibase-190131-bionic as CI base image
      MISC: cibuild.sh, Dockerfile-cibuild: add script for incremental CI builds
      MISC: Makefile.sub: also upload listhacks logs
      MISC: Makefile.sub: inlude (un-)reachable symbols in listunused
      MISC: keywords.sh: extend list of source file extensions
      MISC: Makefile.sub: add 'listhacks' rules
      MISC: keywords.sh: add usage and '-l' for automatic file list
      MISC: Makefile.sub: add listunused rule
      PO: Makefile.am: strip "POT-Creation-Date: ..." after .po file updates
      PO: *.po: remove unreproducible "POT-Creation-Date: ..." from all .po files
      PO: Makefile.am: fix generation of check-messages.po
      MISC: Makefile.sub: rm out/ during 'make clean'
      MISC: Makefile.sub: remove workaround for linuxdeploy language key parsing
      MISC: Makefile.sub: upload tarballs of existing log directories
      MISC: bintray.sh: fix help
      MISC: Makefile.sub: adjust out/clang-tidy/ directory
      MISC: Makefile.sub: adjust out/scan-build/ directory
      MISC: Makefile.sub: adjust out/cppcheck/ directory
      MISC: Makefile.sub: add bintray upload rule for AppImage files
      MISC: bintray.sh: support BINTRAY_API_KEY and fix nested uploads
      MISC: Makefile.sub: add version information to beast-$VERSION.x64.AppImage
      Makefile.am: provide $(clean_version)
      MISC: Makefile.sub: add appimage rule
      Makefile.am: support cleaning CLEANDIRS during 'make clean'
      DATA: beast.desktop.in: fix missing semicolon
      EBEAST: v8bse/Makefile.sub: rebuild on sublevel but not toplevel Makefile
      EBEAST: Makefile.sub: rebuild on sublevel but not toplevel Makefile changes
      configure.ac: use -O1 for sanitizers to keep the code debuggable
      MISC: Makefile.sub: add 'clang-tidy' rule
      MISC: Makefile.sub: add cppcheck rule
      MISC: Makefile.sub: avoid time dependency
      BSE: bsestorage: use getuid() instead of g_get_user_name() for unique paths
      MISC: Makefile.sub: move scan-build output to out/logs/ and out/logs/html/
      configure.ac: add --enable-quick to compile without optimizations
      MISC: Makefile.sub: pass original CC and CXX on to scan-build
      MISC: Makefile.sub: fix make parallelism
      configure.ac: use AM_CXXFLAGS for selecting -std=gnu++14
      MISC: Makefile.sub: generate out/logs/scan-build.log and
      MISC: blame-lines: avoid extraneous dots appended to output filename
      MISC: Makefile.sub: add 'scan-build' make rule
      MISC: blame-lines: ignore caret at BOL from git blame output
      MISC: run-cppcheck.sh: fix comment
      MISC: Dockerfile-bionic: add Dockerfile for bionic CI base image
      .travis.yml: pick distribution dependent Dockerfile and test fedora27
      MISC: Dockerfile.fedora27: test Beast build on Fedora 27
      .travis.yml: do not try to upload PR build reports to bintray without token
      configure.ac: remove AC_PYTHON_DEVEL
      AIDACC: Makefile.sub: use PYTHON2
      README.md: require libfluidsynth and suggest a recent Ubuntu LTS
      MISC: Dockerfile-apt: add libXss, libgconf-2, libXtst to the ebeast AppImage
      MISC: Dockerfile-apt: copy misc/AppRun into generated AppImage files
      MISC: AppRun: add script to start AppImage and support --ebeast
      EBEAST: aboutdialog.vue: fix working dir retrieval
      .travis.yml: use timjanik/ci-cache:bionic-180930
      MISC: Dockerfile-apt: Pre-fetch electron download
      MISC: Dockerfile-apt: build our own libfluidsynth without jack dependency
      MISC: Dockerfile-apt: remove wget, since we have curl anyway
      MISC: Dockerfile-apt: remove APT_CACHER which is unused since we cache the
      MISC: Dockerfile-apt: use 'stage0' to mark the first stage
      .travis.yml: fetch the first bionic docker build stage from cache
      MISC: Dockerfile-apt: Stage0 is cached as timjanik/ci-cache:bionic-s180929
      .travis.yml: remove explicit sudo requirement, we don't use it and docker
implies it
      MISC: Dockerfile-apt: place executables in beast-team/testing/Beast-AppImage
      MISC: Dockerfile-apt: upload x86-64 executables as beast-$VERSION.x64.AppImage
      MISC: Dockerfile-apt: upload builds to beast-team/testing/{AppImage|reports}
      .travis.yml: avoid executable uploads for branches and PRs
      git-version.sh: fix commit count to be monotonically increasing
      EBEAST: Makefile.sub: make sure 'make all' builds ebeast-all as well
      MISC: Dockerfile-apt: add includes for ebeast/v8bse/nodemodule.cc to
      TOOLS: sfiutils.hh: remove unused header file
      BSE: glib-extra: provide assert_return default to silence clang-tidy
      MISC: clang-tidy.ignore: including bse/internal.hh only works in Bse contexts
      BSE: gbsearcharray: avoid using BSE_ASSERT_RETURN, since we include no bse
      .travis.yml: remove useless container listing
      AF-TESTS: Makefile.sub: adjust freak-noise threshold to workaround
playback jitter
      .travis.yml: fix distcheck + checks taking too long for travis-ci
      MISC: bintray.sh: fix exit code and allow publishing version without upload
      MISC: clang-tidy.ignore: updates to avoid clang-tidy errors
      .travis.yml: merge distcheck and checks, run tidy
      MISC: Dockerfile-apt: isolate clang-tidy, merge distcheck and checks, add time
      .travis.yml: stop forcing trusty as travis environment
      MISC: Dockerfile-apt: conditionalize clang-tools installation
      .travis.yml: use short aliases for DIST and adjust INTENT
      MISC: run-codechecks.sh: remove, commands moved to misc/Dockerfile-apt
      MISC: Dockerfile-apt: rewrite to support AppImage and codechecks uploads
      MISC: bintray.sh: rewrite to support pruning and generic binary uploads
      git-version.sh: support -l for long format (without --dirty)
      MISC: clang-tidy.ignore: list files to be ignored by clang-tidy
      BUILD: remove rapicorn leftovers
      HACKING.md: remove rapicorn leftovers
      DOCS: remove rapicorn leftovers and tagfile-rapicorn.xml.bz2
      BSE: eliminate installpath_override()
      BSE: remove preferences script_path, update default license to cc-by-sa-4.0
      BSE: automate LADSPA path construction, remove LADSPA path config
      BSE: path: add searchpath_join()
      IMAGES: move all images from data/ here, so sources match installation paths
      BEAST-GTK: bstsplash: force viewing splash screen despite compositing latency
      DATA: use $(pkginstalldir)/share to install share/ hierarchy files
      BSE: load images relative to Bse::runpath
      SKINS: install skin images in $(pkginstalldir)/skins/images
      BSE: load skins and key bindings relative to Bse::runpath
      BSE: load plugins and drivers relative to Bse::runpath
      BSE: install docs in $(pkginstalldir)/doc and load relative to Bse::runpath
      DATA: Makefile.am: improve output
      LAUNCHERS: suidmain: issue a warning if renice failed
      configure.ac: remove unused BEAST_EXEC_POSTFIX
      LAUNCHERS: beaststart: derive target executable name from launcher location
      LAUNCHERS: suidmain: abort if the target executable cannot be found
      LAUNCHERS: Makefile.am: define MAJOR MINOR MICRO
      LAUNCHERS: suidmain: return 127 if execv(3) failed
      LAUNCHERS: suidmain: adjust stale errno and improve variable names
      LAUNCHERS: Makefile.am: fix setting the suid bit *after* binary installation
      BUILD: use $(pkginstalldir)/bin instead of beastbindir
      BUILD: use $(pkginstalldir)/lib instead of bselibdir
      BSE: provide Bse::runpath (RPath) to query resource paths
      DATA: bse.pc.in: define variables in terms of @pkginstalldir@
      BUILD: **/Makefile.am: make use of ${pkginstalldir}
      BUILD: **/Makefile.sub: make use of ${pkginstalldir}
      configure.ac: provide pkginstalldir, remove beastdir, beastlocaledir,
bseincludedir, includerootdir
      PLUGINS: Makefile.am: sort file lists
      DATA: Makefile.am: sort file lists
      BSE: Makefile.am: sort file lists
      BEAST-GTK: Makefile.am: sort file lists
      AIDACC: sort file lists
      Makefile.am: sort file lists
      SFI: move testsfidl.cc here from tests/
      DOCS: stop installing sfidl.1
      DOCS: remove sfi/doc_sources.lst
      SFI: tests: remove misctests.cc left overs
      BSE: memory: cleanup benchmark output
      BSE: sficomport: cleanup old macro uses
      BSE: sfivmarshal: cleanup old macro uses
      BSE: sfivalues: cleanup old macro uses
      BSE: sfivalues: move value and pspec serialization tests here
      BSE: sfivmarshal: move vmarshal tests here
      BSE: bseconstvalues: move type rename tests here
      BSE: sfinote: move note analysis tests here
      BSE: sfistore: move 64 bit GScanner tests here
      BSE: sficomport: move com port tests here
      BSE: sfitime: move time parsing tests here
      BSE: bcore: move feature toggles tests here
      BSE: platform: move timestamps tests here
      BSE: path: move paths tests here
      BSE: integrity: always use SIGQUIT instead of abort() to avoid apport
      BSE: sfiparams: move vector tests here
      BSE: bseserver: move integrity tests into anon namespace
      BSE: memory: move integrity tests into anon namespace
      BSE: move sfi/glib-extra to bse/glib-extra
      TESTS: fix bse/internal.hh includes
      TOOLS: fix bse/internal.hh includes
      PLUGINS: fix bse/internal.hh includes
      EBEAST: fix bse/internal.hh includes
      DRIVERS: fix bse/internal.hh includes
      BEAST-GTK: fix bse/internal.hh includes
      BSE: fix bse/internal.hh includes
      BSE: internal.hh: move and rename sfi/private.hh to bse/internal.hh
      BSE: integrity: move assertion tests here (from sfi/tests/misctests.cc)
      BSE: sfiwrapper: move and merge tests from sfi/tests/testcxx.cc
      SFI: tests/testsfidl: turn into standalone test program
      SFI: sfidl: treat main() as SFIDL_INTERNALS
      BSE: unicode: move and merge tests from sfi/tests/utf8tests.cc
      BSE: sfiring: move and merge tests from sfi/tests/ring.cc
      TESTS: fix includes
      TESTS: Makefile.sub: link against libbse, not libsfi
      BEAST-GTK: fix includes
      BEAST-GTK: gxk: fix includes
      BEAST-GTK: GXK: Makefile.am: link against libbse, not libsfi
      BSE: fix extraneous enum extraction
      BSE: fix includes to use bse/ instead of sfi/
      configure.ac: provide gmodule-no-export-2.0 for libbse
      BSE: Makefile.am: remove libsfi linking
      SFI: sfidl: fix includes and g_strdup_printf to compile without Bse sources
      SFI: sfidl-utils: replace Bse types and helper macros
      SFI: glib-extra: use assert_return, which is redefined by sfidl
      SFI: glib-extra: move enum SfiSCategory here to shared with sfidl
      SFI: Makefile.am: speedup sfidl builds with -O0
      BSE: Makefile.am: build sfi sources as part of libbse
      SFI: Makefile.am: remove libsfi build rules
      SFI: tests/Makefile.am: disable libsfi tests
      BSE: move and build sysconfig.h.in here
      BSE: move headers and sources from libsfi to bse/
      SFI: platform: move installpath and _() here
      SFI: Makefile.am: remove --host-c sfidl tests
      SFI: platform: add runpath_bsedatadir()
      SFI: platform: move Bse::version() here
      SFI: glib-extra: remove unused INSTALLPATH_DATADIR_SCRIPTS
      SFI: glib-extra, configure.ac: remove unused INSTALLPATH_BINDIR
      BSE: bsemain: remove unused path_binaries
      SFI: glib-extra, configure.ac: remove unused INSTALLPATH_BSEINCLUDEDIR
      SFI: sfidl: remove --nostdinc argument
      SFI: sfidl-options: remove unused --version argument
      SFI: Makefile.am: do not install sfidl, which is a build tool only
      SFI: glib-extra: remove INSTALLPATH_BEASTDIR
      SFI: glib-extra: remove unused INSTALLPATH_PYBEASTDIR
      SFI: glib-extra, configure.ac: rename CONFIGURE_RELPATH_OBJDIR, since it's
not absolute
      SFI: glib-extra: remove unused INSTALLPATH_OBJDIR
      MISC: run-codechecks.sh: run cppcheck, clang-tidy, scan-build, etc via docker
      MISC: keywords.sh: add script to find (and colorize) keywords
      MISC: blame-lines: parse error/warning output for git file and generate
blame lines
      MISC: run-cppcheck.sh: verbosly check for cppcheck executable
      MISC: run-cppcheck.sh: script to run cppcheck on the beast sources
      BEAST-GTK: bstrtest: remove unused file
      SFI: glib-extra: guard single argument _(str) variant against macro recursion
      SFI: glib-extra: fix preprocessor typo
      EBEAST: v8bse/: include private.hh to use convenience definitions
      TESTS: include private.hh to use convenience definitions
      TOOLS: include private.hh to use convenience definitions
      BEAST-GTK: include private.hh to use convenience definitions
      BEAST-GTK: gxk/: include private.hh to use convenience definitions
      DRIVERS: include private.hh to use convenience definitions
      PLUGINS: include private.hh to use convenience definitions
      BSE: include private.hh to use convenience definitions
      SFI: include private.hh to use convenience definitions
      SFI: private: move _() and N_() here
      SFI: sfidl-clientcxx: remove unused variable
      SFI: private: provide BSE_CONVENIENCE definitions used internally
      SFI: bcore, sfiwrapper, strings: remove public BSE_CONVENIENCE definitions
      BUILD: remove BSE_CONVENIENCE from all Makefiles
      AIDACC: t204-aidatests: remove unused variable
      SFI: sfiustore: remove useless "register" storage specifier
      configure.ac: remove unused cython check
      MISC: Dockerfile-apt.in: remove unneeded python-all-dev and cython packages
      .travis.yml: move distcheck to bionic, require successful clang builds
      BSE: filtertest: use heap instead of excessive stack allocations
      MISC: dockerbuild.sh: print DIST and INTENT at startup
      Makefile.decl: invoke tests without taptool.sh indirection
      Makefile.decl: remove unused X11TESTS test rule
      PO: de.po: lots of translation updates and fixes
      BSE: filtertest: remove useless "register" storage specifier
      EBEAST: V8Stub.py: remove unused variable from lambda capture list
      BEAST-GTK: bsteventroll, bstpatternview, bstpianoroll: silence gcc
      BEAST-GTK: gxkscrollcanvas: implement GxkScrollCanvasDrag as proper C++ class
      BEAST-GTK: bsttrackroll: derive BstTrackRollDrag from GxkScrollCanvasDrag
      BEAST-GTK: bstpianoroll: derive BstPianoRollDrag from GxkScrollCanvasDrag
      BEAST-GTK: bstpatternview: derive BstPatternViewDrag from GxkScrollCanvasDrag
      BEAST-GTK: bsteventroll: derive BstEventRollDrag from GxkScrollCanvasDrag
      BEAST-GTK: bsttreestores: remove unused code
      BEAST-GTK: bstmenus: fix nullptr sentinel
      BEAST-GTK: bstcanvassource: avoid uninitialized value
      BEAST-GTK: gxkrackeditor: avoid self-assignment
      PLUGINS: bsesimpleadsr-aux: remove useless "register" storage specifier
      BSE: gsl-fftgen.pl: use __attribute__(unused) to silence gcc
      BSE: gsl-fftgen.pl: whitespace fixups
      BSE: testfft: remove useless "register" storage specifier
      BSE: Makefile.am: remove pragma GCC
      BSE: gslfilter: don#t compile unused function
      BSE: gsl-fftgen.pl: remove useless "register" storage specifier
      BSE: bsemathsignal: remove useless "register" storage specifier
      BSE: bseieee754: remove useless "register" storage specifier
      BSE: gsloscillator-aux: add __unused__ instead of compiler pragma
      BSE: bsewave, gsldatacache, gslfilter, gslosctable: remove useless
"register" storage specifier
      BSE: bsemidireceiver: fix pointer copies of GSList* and other C pointers
      BSE: bsemathsignal: avoid double truncation
      BSE: bseitem, monitor: avoid NULL references
      BSE: bseenginemaster, bsemididecoder: remove unused code
      BSE: bsedefs, bsecxxutils, bsesequencer, bsesource, bsestorage, monitor:
fix struct vs class
      BSE: bsecontainer, bseobject, bsesong: fix missing override
      BSE: bsebiquadfilter: remove unused struct
      BSE: bsemathsignal: remove useless "register" storage specifier
      SFI: randomhash: KeccakRng: add default copy ctor next to user-declared dtor
      SFI: unicode: clang++ forbids tautological-compare (-Wall in header file)
      SFI: randomhash: asm rolq is slower than C++ in g++ and clang++
      SFI: randomhash: use asm rotate-left on __x86_64__
      SFI: randomhash: avoid (uint64_t >> 64) which clang++ miscompiles
      SFI: misctests: remove invalid encoding test for distcc
      SFI: sfiglue: remove unused function
      SFI: randomhash, sfidl-factory, sfidl-parser: fix struct vs class
      SFI: entropy: fix nested initializers
      SFI: bcore: fix bogus function attributes
      AIDACC: t204-aidatests: test move(Any) without temporary object
      AIDACC: Parser.g: prevent default initialization for interface references
      AIDACC: Parser.g: colorize diagnostics
      AIDACC: CxxStub.py: remove template instantiation after specialization
      AIDACC: remove move-semantics and add explicit copy-semantics to RemoteHandle
      AIDACC: aida: remove __attribute__((const)) from function returning static
      AIDACC: aida: always use int64_t as operand for numeric enum operators
      configure.ac: remove old comment
      configure.ac: reduce clang's bogus -pthread warning (llvm#7798, llvm#38772)
      configure.ac: ignore clang's constant-logical-operand warning
      configure.ac: clang: allow tautological compare statements
      PO: updates from scanning ebeast/
      DATA: Makefile.am: avoid useless intltool-merge "caching" attempt
      PO: Makefile.am: remove unused variables
      PO: Makefile.am: always generate poscan.list
      PO: Makefile.am: cleanup poscan.list when .git is present
      PO: POTIGNORE: remove unused file
      PO: POTSKIP: remove unused file
      PO: Makefile.am: remove unused filter definitions
      PO: Makefile.am: remove old awk utility for XML strings
      PO: Makefile.am: ship poscan.list in tarballs
      PO: POTSCAN: remove unused file
      PO: Makefile.am: remove unused SCM string rules
      PO: Makefile.am: remove now useless "unlisted" rule
      PO: xt9n-las.awk: move from config/intlfix-las.awk to po/xt9n-las.awk
      PO: Makefile.am: rename poscan.list
      PO: get translatable files from git, facilitate xgettext-0.19.8 where possible
      PO: xt9n-xml.py: extract XML _attribute="value" syntax as JS _("value") calls
      PO: extract i18n messages from _(singular, plural, count) syntax
      EBEAST: support _(msg) syntax for translations
      PO: Makefile.am: generate potscan.list from git source files
      EBEAST: nodemodule: add Bse.server.ngettext() and gettext()
      BEAST-GTK: bstdefs: get rid of bse_gettext_domain uses
      BEAST-GTK: bstusermessage: use _() without bse_gettext_domain
      SFI: glib-extra: provide _() for plural forms and auto-initialize gettext
      PO: updates for po/ cleanups
      autogen.sh: make the .git build dependency explicit
      PO: Makefile.am: fix clean file
      configure.ac: use AM_GNU_GETTEXT and remove glib-gettext.m4
      CONFIG: config.rpath: add file needed by AM_ICONV, needed by AM_GNU_GETTEXT
      configure.ac: show compiler version
      configure.ac: use pwd from $PATH instead of /bin, assert cd and pwd are
      configure.ac: store uname -smorpv results
      AIDACC: Parser.g: parse all STRING + IDENTIFIER combinations
      AIDACC: t304-cxxserver.ref: update reference file
      AIDACC: t304-cxxclient.ref: update reference file
      AIDACC: CxxStub.py: skip more empty idl comments
      AIDACC: t304-cxxserver.ref: update reference file
      AIDACC: t304-cxxclient.ref: update reference file
      AIDACC: CxxStub.py: skip empty idl comments
      TESTS: add GNUmakefile for make invokation in this subdirectory
      AF-TESTS: add GNUmakefile for make invokation in this subdirectory
      TESTS: Makefile.sub: fix tests-installcheck, tests-check and tests-clean
rule names
      AF-TESTS: Makefile.sub: fix af-tests-clean and af-tests-check rule names
      AIDACC: t304-cxxserver.ref: fix missing updates
      AIDACC: t304-cxxclient.ref: fix missing updates
      AIDACC: tests: add GNUmakefile for make invokation in this subdirectory
      AIDACC: tests/Makefile.sub: fix aidacc-tests-clean and aidacc-tests-check
being ignored
      BEAST-GTK: bsteventroll: handle "dispose" event instead of "signal::release"
      BEAST-GTK: bsttrackroll: handle "dispose" event instead of "signal::release"
      BEAST-GTK: bsttrackroll: turn BstTrackRoll.proxy into a Bse::SongS
      SFI: cxxaux: add type-safe new_inplace and delete_inplace
      BSE: bseobject: emit "dispose" event from Bse::ObjectImpl
      acbeast.m4: MC_ASSERT_VERSION: strip leading absolute pathname from
version strings, closes #63
      NEWS: add warning for using alpha versions from the master branch
      NEWS: updates for beast-0.12.0
      PO: updates for 'make dist'
      NEWS: introduce grouping in the latest news entry
      NEWS: add adoc formatting, prefix old gnome bugs, add note for beta version
      git-version.sh: only consider first-parent tags to allow merges from master
      Makefile.am: fix race when creating topbuildid.tmp
      Makefile.am: add git-version.cache to release tarballs
      TOOLS: bsewavetool: use bse_topbuildid()
      BEAST-GTK: bstmain: use bse_topbuildid()
      MISC: mkbuildid.sh: remove
      MISC: make-deb.sh: use ./git-version.sh for the package version
      DOCS: Makefile.am: use ./git-version.sh for topbuildid
      MISC: Dockerfile-apt.in, dockerbuild.sh: use ./git-version.sh for the
build version
      Makefile.am: use ./git-version.sh for topbuildid
      configure.ac: fetch the build version via ./git-version.sh from git
      git-version.sh: fetch version from git or a cache file in tarballs
      Makefile.am: directly generate topbuildid.cc from Makefile
      topbuildid.hh: use a simple bse_topbuildid() function
      configure.ac, **/Makefile.am: remove DEFINE__FILE_DIR__ leftovers
      configure.ac, Makefile.decl: remove 'devel-mode' leftovers
      BEAST-GTK: bstparam: convert pspec name to C++ identifier for aida_set/get
and notify
      BSE: bsesong: fix missing notification for SongImpl::musical_tuning
      BSE: bsestorage: issue a warning if aida_set fails
      BSE: bsesnet: add missing "auto_activate" notification
      BEAST-GTK: bstparam: issue a warning if aida_get/aida_set fail
      BSE: bseobject: allow '_' as event detail
      BSE: bseobject: use typesafe {un}set_flag() method instead of
      BEAST-GTK: bstapp: fix missing event handler for "statechanged"
      BEAST-GTK: bstprojectctrl: fix debugging remains

Yours sincerely,
Tim Janik

Free software author.

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