[LAA] New VA plugins 0.1.0: string-machine, rézonateur, quadrafuzz

Jean Pierre Cimalando jp-dev at inbox.ru
Mon Jul 15 15:19:26 CEST 2019

Dear list, hello,
I am glad to announce the initial release 0.1.0 of a set of
virtual-analog plugins, usable in the LV2 and VST format.

String machine

This is a virtual electronic string ensemble synthesizer.

The basic digital model has been designed by Peter Whiting in 2008, and
has been extremely helpful in creating this plugin. [1] [2]
It's implemented with free tools such as DPF and Faust.

It is not considered complete, as some sections of Solina circuitry are
not part of the model, such as bass and formant sections.

(if someone contributes some electronic expertise to help on this part,
it's very appreciated)


Links to source and packages:


This is a 3-band resonator inspired from Polymoog [1], but it's by no
means a faithful reproduction.

It's composed of 3 filters which are individually adjustable, and
switchable between 4 available modes.

Overdriving the input is originally able to saturate the filter.
For this reason, my version of digital filters include non-linear
saturation in the feedback.

The saturation is manipulated by gain sliders per-band, and by the
global pre-gain control.

[1] http://jhaible.com/legacy/resonator/resonator.html

Links to source and packages:


This fuzz effect can process saturation over 4 distinct bands of signal.
The goal is to reduce the non-harmonic distortion amount, known as

The Geofex web page [1] has an explanation, and a mention of the

This digital implementation is from the web-based project Pizzicato.js
[2], the plugin is a DPF conversion of this model, and it also provides
the oversampling feature.

Links to source and packages:

[1] http://www.geofex.com/effxfaq/distn101.htm
[2] https://alemangui.github.io/pizzicato/#quadrafuzz

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