[LAA] Speakers and Schedule

Sonoj Convention info at sonoj.org
Tue Sep 24 21:34:27 CEST 2019

Ladies and Gentlemen,

this years Sonoj Convention is only a month away. (October 27th and 28th).


Our list of speakers and talks is as good as finished now (except the
start times). We will have a live world premiere of an unreleased open
source synth (Vital), two talks about sampled instrument creations
(Drumgizmo and an sfz bass), a tracker interface for Ardour, a Qtractor
introduction by the author himself, modding old speakers into decent
ones, the future of JACK and finally a talk about composing tricks and
techniques..  On top there is an open slot for surprises! :)

As you have read last time there is no visitor number limit anymore. But
you still need to register if you want to come. Now is a good time to do
just that:

Write a mail to info at sonoj.org <mailto:info at sonoj.org> or use the website
https://www.sonoj.org/register.html . Your name and e-mail address are

If you don't have time be aware that the whole event will be live
streamed and you can interact with us and other remote visitors through
a live chat. A link is already on the website.

In the meantime: Have a look at our old recordings and please subscribe
to our Youtube channel.



Nils Hilbricht

Sonoj Convention

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