[LAA] Initial rtpmidid release. 20.04 #stayathome

David Moreno Montero dmoreno at coralbits.com
Sun Apr 5 23:28:42 CEST 2020

 Initial rtpmidid release. 20.04 #stayathome


   - Basic RTP MIDI protocol implementation for Linux
   - Use of UDP/IP to communicate MIDI devices
   - Most common MIDI messages: Notes, CC, Pitch Bend...
   - Interoperable with Windows, Mac OS*, iPad, Android and Hardware
   Devices. And with other rtpmidid instances.
   - Uses ALSA sequencer interface (tip: qjackctl is great for managing
   - Use mDNS for easy discovery of other ends
   - This release includes packages for Ubuntu and Raspbian.
   - GPLv3 License

(*) Not tested as I don't have access to Hardware. But if it works on iPad
it should work on Mac OS.

This marks the first rtpmidi release, the #stayathome edition.
Beta version

It has minimal features and can be used on experimental setups to use
rtpmidi. It has been tested with iPads, Android (TouchDAW), rtpmidi for
Windows, and Deepmind12 for hardware.

It has no support for the journal, so in theory some MIDI packets might be
lost, which can be a problem. The introspection capabilities are also very
limited, just now only on the logging data and a bit via the rtpmidid-cli.

Please leave comments, feature requests, bugs and improvements at

David Moreno Montero

dmoreno at coralbits.com
+34 658 18 77 17
[image: Coralbits.com] <http://www.coralbits.com/>
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