[LAA] LV2 1.18.0

David Robillard d at drobilla.net
Sun Apr 26 17:50:35 CEST 2020

LV2 1.18.0 is out.

This release makes several few minor additions and fixes, and cleans up
the specification data and documentation as a step towards more
significant cleaning up and reorganization of LV2 in the future.

There are a few changes in this release that could affect compilation
of a few unconventional projects, or those that use the specificaton
data at runtime (since some data has moved into different files).  As
always, no changes break plugin binary compatibility.

Brief summary of changes:

  * Improve documentation.
  * Separate extended documentation from primary data.
  * core: Add lv2:Markdown datatype.
  * core: Deprecate lv2:reportsLatency.
  * patch: Fix incorrect type of patch:sequenceNumber.
  * port-groups: Remove incorrect type of pg:letterCode.
  * port-groups: Replace broken links with detailed Ambisonic channel
  * state: Add state:freePath feature.
  * ui: Add ui:requestValue feature.
  * ui: Add ui:scaleFactor, ui:foregroundColor, and ui:backgroundColor
  * ui: Deprecate ui:binary.
  * worker: Improve documentation.




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