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ICAD 2021

Call for Submission of Papers and Extended Abstracts

26th International Conference on Auditory Display

Virtual Conference

25-28 June 2021



In addition to being part of the resonating chamber in a musical
instrument, the term sounding board is also a metaphor for a channel
through which ideas are discussed and disseminated. ICAD, established in
1992 has, through its 25 conference meetings, shared over 1,150 papers with
the auditory display community. This year, the conference will offer itself
as a sounding board for the community, allowing time to pause and reflect
on the history of auditory display research, review how research has
changed throughout the years, and discuss future areas of inquiry as well
as how to adapt our research during these challenging times. Therefore, the
ICAD 2021 committee is seeking full papers, abstracts, concert pieces,
demos, installations, workshops, and tutorials from across the full
spectrum of auditory display research and practice. From discussions and
reflections on the history of auditory display research with a view to
generating new ways of thinking about how we as practitioners should go
about things, to speculative ideas or news of late-breaking work,
submissions are sought across all the categories. We are particularly
interested in hearing from researchers who have never considered themselves
to be part of the community before, or whose work sits at the periphery of
the field.

Important Dates:

Full Papers - Late March

Abstract Only  - Early April

Workshops/Tutorials - Mid-April

Live Performances/Installations - Mid-April

Doctoral Consortium/Thinktank - Mid-April

For details on topics of interest, proposal format, submission
instructions, and additional conference information please visit

Papers Chairs:

Areti Andreopoulou and Milena Droumeva

papers at icad2021.icad.org

Conference Chairs:

Kyla McMullen and Paul Vickers

chairs at icad2021.icad.org

About ICAD:

First held in 1992, ICAD is a highly interdisciplinary conference with
relevance to researchers, practitioners, artists, and graduate students
working with sound to convey and explore information. The conference is
unique in its specific focus on auditory displays and the range of
interdisciplinary issues related to their use. Like its predecessors, ICAD
2021 will be a single-track conference, open to all, with no membership or
affiliation requirements.

Kyla A. McMullen, Ph.D.
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