[LAA] rtpmidid 20.07

David Moreno Montero dmoreno at coralbits.com
Sat Jul 11 17:13:11 CEST 2020

rtpmidid is a Linux daemon that bridges between the ALSA sequencer and
another RTP MIDI compatible network connected system. This allows to use
MIDI over Ethernet for Linux systems.

Find it at https://github.com/davidmoreno/rtpmidid/releases

This new version features compatibility with Apple systems (iOS and MacOS),
enhances compatibility with rtpmidi for Windows, and debuts the librtpmidid

rtpmidid 20.07 comes with these new features:

   - Compatibility with Apple RTP MIDI implementation: Mac OS and iOS.
   - Improved stability.
   - Basic CLI interface. Uses a Unix socket and JSON so other frontends
   could exist.
   - Separate LGPL2.1 library for the rtpmidi protocol.

In this version the librtpmidid library is introduced. The library is
licensed with LGPL 2.1, with the idea of encouraging third parties to
include rtpmidi support in their products. It is very sad that there are a
lot of hardware devices with networking support, WiFI or Ethernet, but they
opt for private interfaces that are buggy and difficult to interconnect to.
I'm looking at you AKAI MPC One (literally, it's here on my desktop) and
your AKAI Network Driver. If you were compatible with rtpmidi you would
just work on Apple Devices, and with a third party installation on Windows
and Linux. And MPC could use your massive MIDI possibilities with any other
MIDI device on the network.

The library is OS independent and implements just the protocol so the MIDI
bytes can be used in whatever capacity the program needs them.

If anybody can contact the decision makers and advocate for the use of
librtpmidid in hardware music equipment, please do so, and point the
relevant persons to this library. And if you are a person with some
decision power in this, please contact me, and I will help make this happen
in whatever way I can.

Known bugs:

   - It looks like it can take up to 30 seconds to reconnect to Mac OS.
   - There is no journal implementation yet. Should not be a problem for
   local networks, and rtpmidi is actually not ready for public networks, so
   this should not be a big deal.

Roadmap for the next version:

   - Journal for notes and control
   - Timing implementation, so we can force a stable latency
   - Full SysEx support

If you think you can help on any of these things, or anything else you
would like to see in rtpmidid, please open an issue and lets do it!

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