[LAA] [LAD] [LAU] Mamba - Virtual Midi keyboard for Jack Audio Connection Kit release 1.8

Hermann Meyer brummer- at web.de
Tue Nov 24 06:29:41 CET 2020


Mamba release v1.9 is out

Mamba is a Virtual MIDI keyboard with some extended, unique features.

This is a quick fix release as I've forgotten to implement jack MIDI
input forwarding to ALSA MIDI output.

Also it implement proper French translation thanks to Olivier Humbert.

Mamba is released under the BSD Zero Clause License license

The GUI is build on libxputty - A damn tiny abstraction Layer to create
X11 window/widgets with cairo surfaces


To build Mamba from source, the following dependencies must be meat.

  * libfluidsynth-dev
  * libc6-dev
  * libsmf-dev
  * libcairo2-dev
  * libx11-dev
  * liblo-dev
  * libsigc++-2.0-dev
  * libjack-(jackd2)-dev
  * libasound2-dev

So, here is the project page:


and here you'll find the last release:




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