[LAA] [LAU] Mamba - Virtual Midi keyboard for Jack Audio Connection Kit release 1.6

Hermann Meyer brummer- at web.de
Sat Oct 10 06:09:34 CEST 2020


Mamba release v1.6 is out

Mamba is a Virtual MIDI keyboard with some extended, unique features.

      Virtual MIDI Keyboard

Mamba comes with some predefined key-maps, qwertz, qwerty, azerty(fr)
and azerty(be), but you could define your own with the included Key-map
Editor as well. Beside the computer keyboard and mouse, Mamba supports
jack MIDI in and ALSA (seq) MIDI in. Output goes to jack MIDI out. Every
channel use it's own Colour to display the played Notes per channel.

      16 Channel Live MIDI Looper:

To record a loop, press "Play" and then to start recording press
"Record". To stop recording press record again. Playback will start

The first recorded channel will become the Master channel. This one set
the time frame for all later recorded loops. For the Master Channel the
recording time will be stretched/clipped to match the next full beat
time point.

To record a new loop, switch to a other channel, select your instrument
and press "Record" again to start recording.

The later recorded loops will be synced to the master loop. When the
recording time extend the absolute Master loop time record will be
switched off. Absolute time is not bound to the loop point, so you could
record loops crossing it. You could as well stop recording by press
"Record" again before the time expires.

Each Channel could be cleared and re-recorded separate at any time. even
when you press "Record" on a already recorded channel, it will be
cleared before recording starts.

You could record the connected input device or play the Keyboard itself.

      MIDI File player

You could select a MIDI file with the File Selector. It will be loaded
in the play buffer of the first channel, regardless how much channels it
use. You could use then channel 2 - 16 to record your own playing into
it. To play along with it you could use any channel. A loaded file will
become the Master channel for the looper.

To save your work just go to Menu -> "File" -> "Save MIDI file as",
select the path and enter a file name. If you don't give the usual file
extension Mamba will add the extension .midi befor save it.


When you load a Sound-font via the Menu -> "Fluidsynth" -> "Load
Sound-font" Mamba will start the Fluidsynth engine and do the needed
connections so that you could just play along. Menu -> "Fluidsynth" ->
"Settings" will pop-up a new Window were you could select the Instrument
for the channel and do settings for Fluisynth Reverb and Chorus. All
your Settings will be saved on exit, so on next start you could just
play along.

Mamba is released under the BSD Zero Clause License license

The GUI is build on libxputty - A damn tiny abstraction Layer to create
X11 window/widgets with cairo surfaces


To build Mamba from source, the following dependencies must be meat.

  * libfluidsynth-dev
  * libc6-dev
  * libsmf-dev
  * libcairo2-dev
  * libx11-dev
  * liblo-dev
  * libsigc++-2.0-dev
  * libjack-(jackd2)-dev
  * libasound2-dev

So, here is the project page:


and here you'll find the last release:




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