[LAA] B.Spacr - New LV2 sound effect plugin

Sven Jaehnichen sjaehn at jahnichen.de
Thu Apr 1 00:42:07 CEST 2021


after weeks of hard work I just released the first official version of a 
new sound effect plugin.

B.Spacr is a unique LV2 effect plugin that enables a clear and brilliant 
audibility of your music production.
B.Spacr is suited for *any* kind of music, including rock, funk, pop, 
rap, and electronic music.
This plugin can be added to each track individually or to the master bus 
with *zero latency*.
The result is a space-clear sound *without any loss* of audio signal 
information and without
any artifacts only depending on the quality of the input signal. In 
contrast to many over-complex
audio plugins, the number of parameters have been reduced to the minimum 
for the best *user experience*.

https://github.com/sjaehn/BSpacr <https://github.com/sjaehn/BSpacr>

Enjoy and make some music with it

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