[LAA] [ANN] jack_mixer version 16 released

Christopher Arndt chris at chrisarndt.de
Thu Apr 15 00:34:16 CEST 2021

Hello beautiful free-and-libre audio people!

I'm happy to announce the new release of jack_mixer version 16!

jack_mixer is a GTK+ JACK audio mixer app with a look & handling similar
to hardware mixing desks.

You can find the project's homepage at:


The new release is also available on GitHub at:


New Features:

* Internationalization (i18n) support was added, making GUI labels and
  messages and the command line help translatable.
* A German translation was added.
* A French translation was added.
* A global language setting was added to the preferences.
* French and German translations of the application description were
  added to the XDG desktop file.


* Some global settings where not properly persisted in the settings file
  when changed in the preferences dialog (#124).
* Selecting a custom default project path in the preferences dialog via
  folder selection widget did not update the path in the text entry.
* The message formatting in error dialogs was corrected and when an
  error dialog is shown, the error message to printed the console now
  only contains a Python traceback when the debug option is active.
* Various debug log messages received minor fixes and improvements.


* A man page for jack_mix_box was added.
* A new contributing guide was added to repository.
* The section on environment variables in jack_mixer's man page was
  updated and enhanced.
* The NSM project URL was updated in various documents.

This release was created by Christopher Arndt with Olivier Humbert
providing the French translation.

Share & enjoy!

Christopher Arndt

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