[LAA] [ANN] MusE 4.0 released

Robert Jonsson spamatica at gmail.com
Sun Apr 25 17:04:07 CEST 2021

It is with great joy we present to you the final release of MusE 4.0.
A great many things have been added and improved since the last stable
release, nine months ago. To give a rather useless metric about the
amount of work that has gone into MusE 4.0, our code repository has
had more than 700 commits since the release of MusE 3.1.1!

Here is an extremely condensed list of the most important changes since 3.1.1:
* The core feature of 4.0 is the redesigned user interface with a huge
  amount of quality of life improvements.
  - Tabbed UI with Docks for common utility editors like Marker List,
    Mastertrack List and Event List.
  - All new dark theme with a lot of graphical improvements including lots
    of icons reworked in vector format.
  - Many new toolbars for quick access to common operations.
  - A lot of menu operations now list their related keyboard shortcut.
  - Many new keyboard shortcuts.
* We now have an AppImage for easy installation on all distributions, both
  for releases and the bleeding edge development version.
* Many many other fixes and improvements.

For the complete list of changes see:

The homepage:
Demos page:

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