[LAA] Patroneo - Easy Pattern Sequencer, Version 2.0.0 (Major Release)

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Fri Jan 15 00:30:06 CET 2021

Ladies and Gentlemen,

28 months after the first release (2018-09-15) the Laborejo Software Suite releases version 2.0.0 of Patroneo.

Patroneo (which is Esperanto for "Pattern") is an easy to use, pattern based midi sequencer, a program that sends digital "notes" to software instruments such as synthesizers and samplers.
You have tracks with one pattern each. Turn on steps in the pattern to play musical notes. Switch the patterns on and off in a sequence to create a song structure. Connect external synthesizers and samplers to create sounds.
Please see the attached screenshot.

The new features integrate seamlessly into the existing workflow.
Old save files can still be loaded.

1) Tracks can now have different pattern lengths, allowing much more complex music. For this a widget was added next to the track name.
2) Each individual Pattern can now have any number of pitches (was fixed to 8 pitches before)
3) The Loop range can now contain multiple measures. Added GUI control next to loop button. Reminder: Loop-range is for trial&error, not for production.
4) A swing slider for rhythm-groups of 2 and 4 is now available for that 90s Dance Feeling (or Swing!)

It is released under GPLv3.

You can find all releases as sources here. Also check your distribution
for packages in a few days after this announcement, please.

For more information, a multi-language user manual, build instructions
and git access please visit


Laborejo Software Suite
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