[LAA] New releases: ardour2fxp 0.2.0 - jack-matchmaker 0.9.0 - jack-select 1.5.1 - midiomatic 0.2.0

Christopher Arndt chris at chrisarndt.de
Fri Jan 15 21:53:49 CET 2021

Hello FLOSS audio people!

I'm proud to announce new releases of:

* ardour2fxp 0.2.0
  Convert between Ardour XML and binary FXP VST2 preset files

* jack-matchmaker 0.9.0
  Auto-connect new JACK ports matching patterns

* jack-select 1.5.1
  Systray app for changing JACK D-BUS config using QjackCtl presets

* midomatic 0.2.0
  A collection of MIDI filter, generator and processor plugins

## ardour2fxp 0.2.0


### Overview:

Convert between Ardour XML and binary FXP VST2 preset files

The ardour2fxp script converts Ardour VST2 preset XML files to FXP
preset files, so the presets can be imported when using the plug-in in
another DAW.

The fxp2ardour script converts FXP preset files to Ardour VST2 preset
XML files. FXB preset bank files are currently not supported.

### What's new:


* Added new command line options to append or merge FXP presets (in)to
an existing Ardour VST presets file.


* Improved command line and error handling and related help or error
* Improved usage description in README.


* Added flake8 linter configuration in setup.cfg
* Added more tests and test data and made the tests more resistant
against output formatting changes variances.
* Updated readme badges to us shields.io (badge.kloud51.com MIA)
* Updated supported Python version to 3.6 - 3.9.

## jack-matchmaker 0.9.0


### Overview:

jack-matchmaker is a small command line utility that listens to port
registrations by JACK clients and connects these ports when their names
match one of the port pattern pairs given on the command line or in a
pattern file at startup.

### What's new:


* Added support for the reload action to the jack-matchmaker systemd
service, which triggers re-reading of the pattern file (thanks to BlueMax).


* Dropped official support for Python 3.5 and declared support for
Python 3.9. Incremented the minor version accordingly.

## jack-select 1.5.1


### Overview

This application displays an icon in the system tray (also known as
notification area) of your desktop, which shows the status of the JACK
audio server and when you click on it, a menu pops up, which lets you
quickly select from the JACK configuration presets you created with
QjackCtl. When you select a preset, its JACK engine and driver
configuration settings are loaded via DBus into JACK and then the server
is restarted. This allows you to switch between different audio setups
with just two mouse clicks.

### What's new:


* Gracefully handle when the JACK D-BUS service vanishes (e.g. caused by
running jack_control exit) and re-connect on-demand.
* Updated copyright year in readme, man page and license.
* Removed Python 3.5 support, added 3.9.

## midiomatic 0.2.0


## Overview:

A collection of MIDI filter, generator and processor plugins in LV2 and
VST2 format.

* MIDI CC Map X4 - Map a single input CC to up to four output CCs.
* MIDI CC Recorder - Store received Control Change messages and replay
them when. triggered.
* MIDI CC to Pressure - Convert Control Change messages into
(monophonic) Channel Pressure (Aftertouch).
* MIDI PB to CC - Convert Pitch Bend into Control Change messages.
* MIDI Pressure to CC - Convert (monophonic) Channel Pressure
(Aftertouch) into Control Change messages.
* MIDI Sys Filter - Filter out MIDI System Messages.

### What's new:


* Added MIDIPresuureToCC plugin to turn aftertouch into CC (contributed
by Jorik Jinker).
* Added MIDICCToPressure plugin to turn a CC into aftertouch.
* Added MIDICCMAPX4 plugin to turn a CC into up to four others.
* MIDICCRecorder: added support for activating send trigger by Program
Change MIDI message.
* MIDICCRecorder: added support for activating send trigger by transport
* MIDIPBToCC: added 'Modulation +' preset.


* MIDIPBToCC: fixed sign of default 'pb_max' parameter value.
* Several small readme corrections.


* MIDICCRecorder: tweaked some parameter labels and LV2 symbols.
* MIDICCRecorder is considered beta quality.
* Moved plugin descriptions and screenshots from readme into separate
* Updated plugin descriptions, screenshots and authors section in readme.
* Updated dpf git submodule to commit 27d3046.

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