[LAA] Drumstick, VMPK and dmidiplayer released

Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas pedro.lopez.cabanillas at gmail.com
Sun Jul 4 20:03:55 CEST 2021

Drumstick libraries

Drumstick is a set of MIDI libraries using C++/Qt5 idioms and style. 
Includes a C++ wrapper around the ALSA library sequencer interface: ALSA 
sequencer provides software support for MIDI technology on Linux. A 
complementary library provides classes for processing SMF (Standard MIDI 
files: .MID/.KAR), and Cakewalk (.WRK) file formats. A multiplatform 
realtime MIDI I/O library and a GUI Widgets libraries are also provided for 
Linux, Windows, and Mac OSX.

Changes in v2.3.0:

* Ticket #31: fallback drivers for Drumstick::RT
    * Two new methods in class BackendManager
	* MIDIInput* findInput(QString name)
	* MIDIOutput* findOutput(QString name)
    * They return either the requested backend or another suitable 
enabled by default.
* Fixed incomplete Drumstick::RT ALSA output plugin.
* Drumstick::Widgets. Fixed PianoKeybd touchscreen events: if a pressure 
amount is not provided by the device, the default MIDI velocity is used. 
Otherwise, the velocity is scaled by the applied pressure.

Compilation minimum requirements for all platforms: CMake 3.14 and Qt 5.7

Copyright (C) 2009-2021, Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas
License: GPL v3 or later

Project web site

Online documentation


Drumstick Multiplatform MIDI File Player 

Drumstick includes several tools as examples, and among them is the 
drumstick-guiplayer utility that leverages the Drumstick::ALSA library, so 
it is available only for Linux (because the ALSA sequencer is a linux only 
technology). Some people have requested a program with the same 
functionalities also on Windows and macOS, so here it is. But this project 
is much more ...

Some key features:

* MIDI Output to hardware MIDI ports, or any other Drumstick backends, like 
soft synths
* Transpose song tonality between -12 and +12 semitones
* Change MIDI volume level (using MIDI CC7)
* Scale song speed between half and double tempo
* Supports MID/KAR (Standard MIDI Files) and WRK (Cakewalk) file formats

Changes in v1.4.0:

* ticket #1: Playback positioning
    * Replaced the progress bar by a slider, so the user can change the 
play position
    * Added forward/backward actions to advance or go back one bar
    * Added a Jump action to move the play position to some arbitrary bar
* ticket #2: Playlist repetition options: Nothing, Last Song, Whole 
* ticket #8: (Lyrics text) Copy to clipboard, Save to File, Print
* ticket #9: (after Drumstick ticket #31) Fallback output drivers
* Playlist function shuffle
* Toolbar buttons customizing dialog
* preliminary support for building with Qt6 (experimental)
* Czech translation updated, thanks to Pavel Fric

Build requirements:

* C++11 compiler
* Qt5
* Drumstick libraries v2.3
* Uchardet v0.0.7
* CMake 3.14
* Pandoc for optionally building the man page

Copyright (C) 2021 Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas  
License: GPL v3 or later

Changes in v0.8.4

* Experimental support for building with Qt6
* Requires: drumstick-2.3.0
Please use the mailing list <vmpk-devel at lists.sourceforge.net> for 
questions and comments. Thanks.
License: GPL v3

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