[LAA] Zrythm 1.0.0-alpha.18.2.1 release + FundOSS

Alexandros Theodotou alex at zrythm.org
Thu Jun 10 15:52:17 CEST 2021

Zrythm v1.0.0-alpha.18.2.1 has been released!




(by MyLoFy, CC-BY-SA 4.0)

Zrythm is a digital audio workstation designed to be featureful and
easy to use. It allows limitless automation through curves, LFOs and
envelopes, supports multiple plugin formats including LV2, LADSPA,
DSSI, SFZ, SF2, VST2 and VST3 (via Carla), works with multiple backends
including JACK, PulseAudio, RtAudio/RtMidi and SDL2, assists with chord
progressions via a special Chord Track and chord pads, and can be used
in multiple languages including English, French, Portuguese, Japanese
and German.

Zrythm is free software written in C using the GTK+3 toolkit and can be
extended using GNU Guile (Scheme).

Zrythm is currently in alpha and we are working towards stabilizing the
project format and entering the beta phase.

Main changes since last announcement:

- Fader and piano roll highlight buttons are now themable
- "Bar" and "Beat" snap options
- Track bounce options: bounce pre-inserts, pre-fader, post-fader or
with parent tracks
- Plugin author filter in plugin browser
- Ability to batch solo/mute/listen multiple tracks
- Ability to batch set color on multiple tracks
- Ability to change monitor output device ports (new Monitor tab)
- Channel listen functionality (dim volume of other channels)
- Ability to specify global mute/listen/dim levels
- Improved/fixed support for various LV2 features
- Ability to choose icon and CSS themes from preferences
- Toggles to follow playhead and auto-scroll when playhead goes off-
- Bass note highlighting in piano roll
- Ability to disable tracks and option to disable tracks after bounce
- Cut/copy/paste/delete/select all/deselect all for plugin slots
- Automatic adjustment of timeline length
- Bash completions for CLI options
- Removal of unused audio pool files during save
- Use of FLAC to save imported clips if no bit depth loss occurs
- Faster saving of audio pool
- Ability to bind MIDI device controls to track
mute/solo/listen/mono/record toggles
- Experimental AppImage build
- Various translation updates
- Various other minor improvements (see changelog)
- Fixed many many bugs/crashes (see changelog)

Full changelog:


Pending features for beta:

Pending fixes for beta:

# Announcement
Zrythm is participating in FundOSS (fundoss.org), a campaign to fund
free software projects using what they call democratic funding. This
round has a matching pool of $75,000 donated by sponsors. If you would
like to support development, you can supercharge your donations below:

(FundOSS will likely have more rounds in the future so other developers
are encouraged to apply for their projects as well)

# Links
Home page: <https://www.zrythm.org>
Installer downloads: <https://www.zrythm.org/en/download.html>
Git repositories: <https://git.zrythm.org/zrythm>
User manual: <https://manual.zrythm.org/en/index.html>
Developer reference: <https://docs.zrythm.org/>
Issue trackers: <https://sr.ht/~alextee/zrythm/trackers>
Mailing lists: <https://sr.ht/~alextee/zrythm/lists>
Releases: <https://www.zrythm.org/releases/>
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