[LAA] MMA 21.09

Bob van der Poel bob at mellowood.ca
Thu Sep 30 00:30:51 CEST 2021

After too many days and weeks and months of development version 21.09 is
finally up and ready for you!

It's available right now for your creative pleasure. Please get it at:


Kudos, thanks and cheers of wonderment are welcome. Bugs and other thoughts
are welcome as well!

This new version has lots of new features and fixes, including:

 - A number of -x options (GROOVES, PRINT variable, CSPLIT and TSPLIT
    for output splitting).
 - A -Djs option to print info from a groove file as JSON.
 - A number of new harmony options.
 - New environment variables MMA_PLUGPATH, MMA_INCPATH & MMA_LIBPATH.
 - A number of documentation fixes.
 - A number of new chord voicing options.
 - More scripting options:  EXISTS, ISDIR and ISFILE.
 - Lots of bug fixes.

For more details please read the CHANGES file in the download.

Have fun :)


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