[LAA] New Session Manager Release v1.6.0

software at jackaudio.org software at jackaudio.org
Fri Apr 15 13:28:19 CEST 2022

This is a New Session Manager feature release, version 1.6.0

* https://github.com/jackaudio/new-session-manager/releases/tag/v1.6.0

It is a tool to assist music production by grouping standalone programs into sessions. Your workflow becomes easy to manage, robust and fast by leveraging the full potential of cooperative applications.

You can create a session, or project, add programs to it and then use commands to save, start/stop, hide/show all programs at once, or individually. At a later date you can then re-open the session and continue where you left off.

All files belonging to the session will be saved in the same directory.


[nsmd - The daemon itself]
* Now follows the XDG Base Directory Specifications.
 * Default session directory moved from `~/NSM Sessions/` to `$XDG_DATA_HOME/nsm/` (see issue #gh-15)
 * The old path `~/NSM Sessions/` is still supported and has priority, for now. This may be switched off in the future.
* Lockfiles fixed (see issue #gh-31)
 * Lockfiles are now in `$XDG_RUNTIME_DIR/nsm/`
 * Lockfiles now each contain the session path, the osc `NSM_URL` and the nsmd PID
 * One daemon file for each currently running nsmd is created in `$XDG_RUNTIME_DIR/nsm/d/` containing the osc url. This enables discovery of running daemons.
* New section in the API documentation for the above.
* Handle write-protected session files and related errors on save. They will not crash the daemon anymore.
* Fixes and guards against trying to load non-existing sessions and creating new sessions under existing names
* Handle various crashes-on-exit and replace them with controlled exits.

[Jackpatch Version 1.0.0 (previously 0.2.0)]
* Jackpatch will finally not "forget" connections anymore! See #gh-74
* Add a jackpatch desktop file with `X-NSM-Capable=true` and `X-NSM-Exec=nsm-proxy` and `NoDisplay=true`
* Reduce verbosity level of log ouput.
* Document 'hidden' standalone (no NSM) command line mode in `--help`
* Handle SIGNALs even when in standalone mode

* Add a nsm-proxy desktop file with `X-NSM-Capable=true` and `X-NSM-Exec=nsm-proxy` and `NoDisplay=true`

All changes are made only on the server side, or in the tools we provide.
Existing sessions, clients, and GUIs remain 100% compatible without requiring any changes. 
Except if you want to use the new session root directory, which is recommended.


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