[LAA] Laborejo feature release 2.2.0

Laborejo Software Suite info at laborejo.org
Mon Aug 1 19:46:12 CEST 2022

Ladies and Gentlemen,

hereby the Laborejo Software Suite releases updates for its programs in
the hope to be useful in your musical toolbox.

You can now download Laborejo 2.2.0

https://laborejo.org/downloads/laborejo-2.2.0.tar.gz https://laborejo.org/downloads/laborejo-2.1.0.tar.gz 

Laborejo (Esperanto: Workshop) is a MIDI sequencer based on classical
music notation. Its main purpose is to compose and produce "traditional" music,
such as instrumental pieces, soundtracks and other music normally played
back by samplers. Working in Laborejo is very fast and efficient by using
a combination of midi input and typing.

Changelog Highlights:
* Add SOLO functionality alongside the existing audible/mute layer. Control via shortcuts, track editor, or track-list widget

* New function to create a new empty block from an existing one, that has reserved duration same as the original one.
* Add more time signatures to the quick-insert dialog: 8/4, three variants of 7/8, two variants of 5/4 and more. Also reorder and better labels.
* Add context menu to move CC Blocks to start or end of a track
* Fix splitting of notes that were created by a previous split.
* Block Mode: Fix invisible block labels and graphics when dragging blocks (adopting to unannounced Qt regressions once again)
* Barlines more visible
* Undo for initial metrical instruction and key sig (track editor)
* Prevent block operations to jump to the cursor position in the GUI. Less jumpy.
* Show first block name in track-list widget
* Overhaul Key Signature GUI dialog to indicate "Deviation" better, instead of absolute accidentals.
* Various small fixes, like typos in variable names and wrong string quotes. Small things can crash as well.

* Update German translation

* Lilypond Export:
  * Add transposition of the whole score to properties and metadata dialog
  * Only set tempo markings in parenthesis when user provided a string like Allegro
  * Add lilypond template filename to properties and metadata dialog. Will be symlinked into the session dir automatically.

You can find all releases as sources here. 

You also need our own library:
which has download and build instructions in it's readme.

Also check your distribution for packages in a few days after this announcement, please.

For more information, a multi-language user manual, build instructions
and git access please visit

https://www.laborejo.org/laborejo/ https://www.laborejo.org/patroneo/ 

Laborejo Software Suite
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