[LAA] Sonivox Synthesizer Library has been released

Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas pedro.lopez.cabanillas at gmail.com
Thu Jul 28 22:51:00 CEST 2022

This project is a fork of the Android Open Source Project 
'platform_external_sonivox', including a CMake based build system to be 
used not on Android, but on any other computer Operating System. Google 
licensed this work originally named Sonivox EAS (Embedded Audio Synthesis) 
from the company Sonic Network Inc. under the terms of the Apache License 
2.0. Here is the Google source code repository:

This is a "wavetable" synthesizer, not using external soundfont files but 
embedded samples instead. It is also a MIDI file player and a real time GM 
synthesizer. It consumes very little resources, so it may be indicated in 
projects for small embedded devices. There is neither MIDI input nor audio 
output facilities included in the library. You need to provide your own 

Project page:

License: Apache 2.0

The library sources were included until recently in the Drumstick 
repository and source tarballs, but not anymore. Since the forthcoming 
Drumstick v2.7.0, which will be released soon, the sonivox library will be 
an external dependency.

Using this library as a git submodule may also be possible, like the 
following applications showcasing some library capabilities. They may use 
sonivox as a git submodule if the external library dependency is not found 
at configuration time. That won't be possible for Drumstick, though.

* Linux-SonivoxEas with Drumstick::ALSA MIDI input and Pulseaudio output.
License: GPLv3. New release v1.4.0
Project: https://github.com/pedrolcl/Linux-SonivoxEas
* multiplatform-sonivoxeas with Drumstick::RT MIDI input and Qt Multimedia 
audio output. Released as v2.0.0
License: GPLv3.
Project: https://github.com/pedrolcl/multiplatform-sonivoxeas

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