[LAA] Registration is Open for ICAD 2022

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ICAD 2022

Registration is Open

27th International Conference on Auditory Display
Registration is Open

Virtual Conference

24-27 June 2022


Sound is used in a wide variety of applications to alert listeners to the
status of a person or environment. At ICAD 2022, we want to highlight
sonification work that can be used to maintain awareness in some capacity
(outside navigation, hospitals, air traffic control, etc). Papers are not
limited to this theme, as we will value and embrace all types of
submissions, including papers, posters, multimedia (videos/audios), demos,
and concert pieces
Why ICAD 2022?

ICAD is a highly interdisciplinary academic conference with relevance to
researchers, practitioners, musicians, and students interested in the
design of sounds to support tasks, improve performance, guide decisions,
augment awareness, and enhance experiences. The conference is unique in its
singular focus on auditory displays and the array of perception,
technology, and application areas that this research area encompasses. Like
its predecessors, ICAD 2022 will be a single-track conference, open to all,
with no membership or affiliation requirements.

For details on the Program, please visit: https://icad2022.icad.org/program

Papers Chairs:

Areti Andreopoulou and Bruce Walker

papers at icad2022.icad.org

Conference Chairs:

Kyla McMullen and Niklas Rönnberg

chairs at icad2022.icad.org

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