[linux-audio-dev] Re: [ardour-dev] hardware requirements...

David Gerard Matthews dgm4+ at pitt.edu
Fri Nov 1 22:52:00 UTC 2002

Patrick Shirkey wrote:

> CDs are an outdated medium that has survived because of the patent 
> industry. If the multimedia companies didn't have so much invested 
> into cd technology we would all own DVDRW drives by now. I hope it is 
> just a matter of time before the prices are reasonable for small scale 
> operations.

Umm, actually I'd heard nearly the exact opposite opinion voiced on more 
than one occasion, namely, that higher-sample rates are basically an 
audio industry ploy to sucker rich yuppies wth $5000 USD power
amps into buying "Sgt. Pepper" and "Are You Experienced" in yet another 
format.  Personally, I'm inclined to believe that, and I do consider 
myself an audiofile.  FWIW, I also run everything, even the DAT
machine (yes, I've still got one) at 44.1, even though my Delta can 
handle 96, because I really don't like to deal with resampling, and 
nothing I'm doing at this point has any likelihood of ending up on DVD-A 
anytime soon.

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