[linux-audio-dev] ok, jump on slashdot right now, ALSA story in progress

Patrick Shirkey pshirkey at boosthardware.com
Sun Nov 3 21:56:00 UTC 2002

 >I wouldn't go as fas as to blame any developers for this. ALSA is being
 >integrated in the mainline kernel and that by itself should keep
 >everyone busy.

 >I think its somehow the duty of the people who figured out how to
 >configure it in an easy way to write it up (cfr. Patricks quicktoots

 >I'm willing to do just that.

 >The question is, what is the best place to write these things up ?
 >Do I start to work on Debian specific documentation, or is it better 
to >help on some general alsa documentation ?

I think it would be best to have this info in the alsa-docs.

Here's what I consider still needed to make the alsa-docs complete:

- A paragraph on using alsaconf.
- Anything that is distro specific. Although it might be better to make 
a page for this which people can add notes to.
- Any info on using the controls for cards that have them. Specifically 
adat, wordclock, optical. I would like to have a section in the template 
for this but don't have any cards that use these so cannot test myself.

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