[linux-audio-dev] spiced 12AX7, plots, clipper.so

Tim Goetze tim at quitte.de
Thu Nov 7 19:30:00 UTC 2002

after taking some plots from a simple 12AX7 preamp spice 
model, i've decided to try naive asymmetric hard-clipping, 
without any antialiasing measures.


has the plots, a link to the spice model source, the hard 
clipper ladspa implementation and the mandatory mp3:


which is the output from this signal chain:

  guitar (bridge pickup, humbucker) ->
  HiPass (200) -> 
  Gain (db = 30) -> 
  clipper.so -> 

it may not be a true amp model, but to me ... it rocks.

i'm still pondering whether antialiasing is needed, and if so, 
how to do it (fit in a windowed sinc where the signal hits
the clipping threshold? thoughts welcome).

for building a decent 'virtual amp', i imagine some combination
of Steve's excellent valve and valve_rect for a good, smooth 
and warm lowish-gain tone, a bit of tunable eq and this kind of
hard-clipping for hi-gain, harsh distortion topped off with a 
cabinet response will just about do it for me.


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