[linux-audio-dev] Open Music

David Gerard Matthews dgm4+ at pitt.edu
Fri Nov 8 18:54:01 UTC 2002

assayag gerard wrote:

> Until now, we did'nt have the internal resources to develop a full 
> linux version of OpenMusic. However a fragmental prototype of OM/Linux 
> based on cmucl had been developed by Camilo Rueda and his team at Cali 
> Univsersity in Colombia. See http://escher.puj.edu.co/openmusic/
> Things are changing now, thanks to the Agnula (A GNU Linux Audio 
> Distribution) project. This project is funded by the European 
> Commission, coordinated by Tempo Reale in Florence, and involves Ircam 
> (coordinator : Francois Dechelle) as a partner. See 
> http://www.agnula.org/
> Thanks to Francois Dechelle's support, we may now envision the 
> integration of OmLinux in the following monthes, as well as the 
> definition of a coherent development strategy between OMLinux and OM/OsX.
> More info to come soon...
> Gérard Assayag
> Music Representation Team

Thanks for the response.  I discovered the project from Columbia a few 
days after I posted on this list, and downloaded the code and tried to 
compile it.  I didn't build and I emailed the developers at Cali 
University, who still haven't responded.  I am, however, very glad to 
see that Ircam has decided to move forward on this.  OM is an excellent 
piece of software, and I'm looking forward to seeing  it running on Linux!

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