[linux-audio-dev] Re: image problem [was Re: [Alsa-devel] help for a levelmeter]

Steve Harris S.W.Harris at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Sat Nov 9 03:50:01 UTC 2002

On Fri, Nov 08, 2002 at 07:06:47PM -0500, David Gerard Matthews wrote:
> But at this point, much as I prefer free software, I'd be willing to 
> plop down $400 USD for a Linux version of
> Logic. PT, Cubase, or Cakewalk.

OK, thats interesting, but I wouldn't. One of the reasons I use linux for
audio is that I was fed up with unstable, closed Windows software. If I
can fix the bugs myself (or atleast wine to the developers ;) then I'm
much happier. If its Free Software, I use it, and it crashes, I'm at fault
and its /my/ problem.

At the very least I can provide the delopers with a stack trace. How many
windows developers would accept a stack trace form a user?

I really dont see much point in going from using Logic on a Mac to Logic
on Linux.

- Steve

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