[linux-audio-dev] Re: image problem [was Re: [Alsa-devel] help for a levelmeter]

Mark Knecht markknecht at attbi.com
Sat Nov 9 14:46:01 UTC 2002

Yep, this is what the whole Embedded Linux market is about, and the model
works in the audio area quite well. Look at DigiDesign with Pro Tools. Thee
isn't a reason that they couldn't offer PTLE here if they can offer it on OS
X, right?


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If they're unable or unwilling to tell the difference between "free
and "software that is written for free" then there's probably never going to
be a linux sdk for their hardware. Its just too specialised and complex for
someone to do it for free, or to modify anything that's already out there
to do the job.

Which means they'll sell less hardware. Which means there might be a
business opportunity for someone who takes a different view of things
to sell some hardware.

Simon Jenkins
(Bristol, UK)

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