[linux-audio-dev] Looking for some PR stuff related to Jack

Ivica Bukvic ico at fuse.net
Sun Nov 10 22:39:00 UTC 2002

> as you can hopefully see, things start to get more and more and more
> complex. its not impossible to do this, but its hard, and i have much
> more important things on my mind than re-engineering the 80,000 lines
> of Ardour's code to make an in-process version possible.
> --p

So, I presume it is impossible to get let's say an i-p version of Jack
running that can accept both i-p and o-o-p connections (so for instance
Ardour would be o-o-p, while freqtweak i-p)?

If this were possible, then the clients could harness the potential of
low-latency Jack, while more complex apps like Ardour would have a kind
of a compromise. Would this be feasible?

Alternately, you spoke of o-o-p being just not reliable enough. What
aspect of Linux needs to improve in order for o-o-p to become as
reliable as i-i-p?

Thanks for all the valuable info!


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