[linux-audio-dev] image problem

Taybin Rutkin trutkin at physics.clarku.edu
Tue Nov 12 15:29:00 UTC 2002

On Tue, 12 Nov 2002, Mark Knecht wrote:

> Company A takes a copy of Ardour and forks it. They do their own GUI from
> scratch, maybe based on some product they already have running under OS-X or
> Windows. Since the GUI is 100% theirs they don't put it under CVS. They make
> improvements to the audio engine and provide those back for your
> consideration, but you don't like some of them so they don't all end up in
> the CVS tree for the main Ardour program. None the less, Company A  met it's
> GPL requirements. (I think! If not, change whatever is required to make it
> so.) Let's assume this takes them 6 months to get ready to sell.

Okay.  Libardour is GPL.  So any frontend that links to it would have to
be GPLd too (IANAL).  This could, Paul willingly, be gotten around by
relicensing it from him.

66% or more of Ardour is in the GUI.  If they wrote their own GUI from
scratch, and did a proper job of it, I think that would be a strong
selling point over a freely available version.  But this all assumes that
Paul relicensed libardour to some company under a non open source license.

> Company A has just 3 software engineers on staff to do this. They earn
> $100K/Yr. each. (Lowish-end Silicon Valley prices) There is office space

Software engineers still make that much?  I thought it had dropped to the
$50-$60 range.


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