[linux-audio-dev] Paper: sub-msec latency on a shielded CPU on SMP

Benno Senoner benno at gardena.net
Fri Nov 15 14:06:01 UTC 2002

Interesting article about achieving sub-msec response times by
"dedicating" one of the CPUs of a SMP box to high priority tasks using
a CPU shielding method.


Unfortunately most of us have only single CPU boxes which means that
we rely on the performance of the low latency / preemptive patches.
According to Jussi L. the 2.4 patches seem currently having problems
with ext3 writes (journaling) but ReiserFS seems ok.
Jussi told me too that it seems that RedHat 8.0 does something nasty
because he got bad latencies on that distro (2.4+his -jl improved lowlat

Any news on that front ?
What worries me is Red Hat 8.0 since it will become a pretty popular
distro soon because it is targeted for the desktop.
This means soon we will have user complaining why their systems cannot
deliver solid sub-3msec latency.
Hopefully ext3 and other issues get fixed soon.

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