[linux-audio-dev] disk latency under 2.4.19 ll+preempt

jfm3 jfm3 at ouroboros-complex.org
Wed Nov 20 13:23:01 UTC 2002

I have "Use PCI DMA by default when available" set to Y already.

In terms of the DMA mode, are you talking about a BIOS setting or
something I can do with the right software to manipulate the drivers?

Right now I run:

/sbin/hdparm -m 8 -d 1 -u 1 -c 1 /dev/hda

Thanks for the help!

> >Do you have support for your chipset unabled under "IDE, ATA and ATAPI
> >Block devices" in your kernel configuration, and "Use PCI DMA by default
> >when available"? I believe this is rather important.
> >
> On my asus A7V266-E board i had to set down dma mode from DMA100 to DMA33
> get LL working fine. (<3ms)

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