[linux-audio-dev] Cheap 8 channel Out: multi-IO or USB ? performance etc

Benno Senoner benno at gardena.net
Mon Nov 25 07:56:01 UTC 2002

>> I heard of USB speakers, could this be a valid solution ?
>> Are they supported under linux ? If yes which kind of models ?

> they're basically usb audio devices with amp and speaker in one
> box - so pretty much all of them work out of box (even the harman
> kardon ones that don't work with windows) 

Thanks for the infos, but has anyone tried to work with more than
 one signle stereo speakers set at time ?
I fear that bandwidth problems could arise when using 8 channels.
(AFAIK USB1 is 12Mbit)

Anyway these devices seem to be interesting:

" The USB Turbo Quad 4 offers a powerful performance advantage over all
other USB host controllers by providing full USB bandwidth for each port
rather than sharing USB bandwidth over all ports. This results in an
increase in the number of devices that can simultaneously operate. Only
the USB Turbo Quad 4 ensures High-Bandwidth simultaneous operation of
USB devices such as cameras, speakers, scanners, modems and other
bandwidth intensive peripherals."

Just wondering if such a 4 USB port card plus + USB speakers works on
2.4 kernels / ALSA.


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