[linux-audio-dev] Behaviour of write() in blocking/non-blocking mode

Greg Ward gward at python.net
Thu Nov 28 14:33:01 UTC 2002

On 27 November 2002, rm said:
> if you can help it, you might look at alsa (alsa-project.org) and jack
> (jackit.sf.net) which is built on alsa. both are much nicer than OSS,
> and make life much easier. 

Yeah, I've dabbled with ALSA in the past -- mainly because I had a
machine at work with non-standard audio hardware that was only supported
by ALSA.  Don't tell my boss, but I spent half a day figuring out ALSA,
patching and rebuilding my kernel, building the utilities, and rebooting
just so I could listen to music on that machine.  Ahh, those were the

However, I want to make sure that the Python linuxaudiodev works
out-of-the-box for 90% of Linux users, which I guess means it has to
stick to the OSS API.  (For now.)

> with respect to audio, i don't think there are defined semantics.

*sigh* I was afraid that's what the answer would be.  Oh well.

Thanks --

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