[linux-audio-dev] Autoconf macros for libsndfile

Jeff Welty welty at harbornet.com
Sun Sep 15 16:38:24 UTC 2002

Pardon my almost complete ignorance on autoconf ;-)

This doesn't work, I get these errors:
./configure: line 990: syntax error near unexpected token `PKG_CHECK_MODULE(SNDFILE,'
./configure: line 990: `PKG_CHECK_MODULE(SNDFILE, sndfile > 1.0.0)'


Looks like I need additional code in aclocal.m4?  Any

Thanks for your help!


Paul Davis wrote:
> >Anyone made autoconf macros for libsndfile?
> >Specifically ones that could test for the
> >appropriate version of libsndfile?  I have
> >completed the initial integration of libsndfile
> >into gwc and am working on the configure scripts,
> >would rather use someone else's before I hack one
> >together myself...
> PKG_CHECK_MODULE(SNDFILE, sndfile > 1.0.0)
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