[linux-audio-dev] Autoconf macros for libsndfile

Conrad Parker conrad at vergenet.net
Mon Sep 16 02:33:52 UTC 2002

On Sun, Sep 15, 2002 at 08:32:07AM -0700, Jeff Welty wrote:
> Anyone made autoconf macros for libsndfile?
> Specifically ones that could test for the
> appropriate version of libsndfile?  I have
> completed the initial integration of libsndfile
> into gwc and am working on the configure scripts,
> would rather use someone else's before I hack one
> together myself...

yes, I've got a bunch of stuff in sweep-0.5.4 which does a pkg-config check,
checks libsndfile1 is installed, spoonfeeds some PKG_CONFIG_PATH help if
it detects that's misconfigured, detects libsndfile0, and if there's a
problem tries to work out what it is -- all of this has turned out to be
needed to handle various bad configurations ...



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