[linux-audio-dev] interesting post from vst-plugins on float/int

Frank Neumann Frank.Neumann at st.com
Tue Sep 17 09:49:26 UTC 2002

Hi all,
Steve wrote:

> > apropos, does somebody have pointers to enlightening resources,
> > code examples, anything about using 3Dnow/SSE/AltiVec with the gcc
> http://www.tommesani.com/SSE.html
> Not gcc specific, but it will give you enough knowledge to make the intel
> site intelligable.
> If you find an equivalent site for 3DNow, please tell me!

Tim already reported the AMD URL for the 3DNow Technology manual; I only
wanted to add that you can order an entire development CD from AMD for
free, containing quite a bunch of PDF files and other (more
Windows-related) programming material. Most (if not all) of the PDF
files are available on the web too, though.

Also, for getting started into Linux assembly programming,
http://www.linuxassembly.org looks like a nice site to me. Lots of links
and docs there.


PS: No, I haven't been doing any Linux assembly programming yet. I only
wondered every now and then how much performance one could get out of
some of the existing Linux soundapps if there were optimized versions of
such programs for certain CPUs.

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