[linux-audio-dev] HDSP + cardbus

D R Holsbeck drh at niptron.com
Tue Sep 17 12:50:16 UTC 2002

Ok so I got everything into a nice new rack, and quadruple checked my
setup, and I still get a vocoder effect when trying ty play snything
through my Digiface/cardbus interface.

The Digiface works fine when connected to the pci interface, but not the
cardbus interface. The modules, need the load/reload trick, to get jack
to work with the pci or cardbus interfaces. So that seems nomal. I do
get sound out when connected to the cardbus interface, but it sounds
like it is being run through a very bad vocoder.

I think somebody else has the same setup. H-DSP + cardbus, running. So
Im pretty sure this should work.

So if anybody has the magic incantations to make this work, I would be
very appreciative of any words of wisdom they care to share ;-)

System info

Thinkpad A31 (P4 1.7g 256m ram)
Alsa from cvs as of a month ago
Debian 3.0 distro

drh at niptron.com

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