[linux-audio-dev] LADSPA and TiMidity++

Peter L Jones peter at drealm.org.uk
Wed Sep 18 18:03:56 UTC 2002

On Wednesday 18 Sep 2002 02:41, John Lazzaro wrote:
> Identity Request/Identity Reply returns enough information
> for a patch editor to know what Manufacturer SysEx commands
> the device understands. Although a major undertaking, it is
> probably is in the realm of the doable to:
> In other words, distribute the legwork of finding out all
> SysEx command variants for every type of synth, to the
> vast userbase :-). Sort of like CDDB, but on a smaller
> scale ...

Mmm... This sounds good enough for a software package wanting to control a 
MIDI device... so long as the identity request gets a response! :-)  I have a 
feeling TiMidity++ might not (currently) have a way of _sending_ MIDI 

I guess this lack of communication from sound modules is one reason General 
MIDI exists: you don't need to ask! :-(  (If the sound module could list all 
its patches - and maybe even categorise them - a controller keyboard with a 
(small) display would be adequate without needing GM.)

-- Peter

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