[linux-audio-dev] Basic information

Paul Davis pbd at op.net
Thu Sep 19 13:49:13 UTC 2002

>Hi. Could anyone point me to some very basic information to give me some
>idea of programming for sound in linux.

we can't even begin to answer such a nebulous question i'm afraid.

>I have previously programmed sound on Silicon Graphics machines and 
>Sun machines.
>I'm thinking about linux in the context of *possibly* building a cross-
>compiler (source code to source code), or similar, for porting the
>Mac OS X version of SuperCollider to linux, depending on various things

why would you want a cross-compiler? james has made the source code
available, IIRC, so just compile it for linux. no doubt significant
amounts of hackery would be required. i think you need to be more
specific about your questions and concerns.

SC is a perfect candidate for a JACK client, by the way (see
http://jackit.sf.net/), because of the way it was originally written
under MacOS.

the big problem in porting SC will be the GUI code, not the engine. at
least that's what i've understood from talking with james in the past.


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