[linux-audio-dev] Basic information

Paul Davis pbd at op.net
Thu Sep 19 14:16:27 UTC 2002

>>> Hi. Could anyone point me to some very basic information to give me 
>>> some
>>> idea of programming for sound in linux.
>> we can't even begin to answer such a nebulous question i'm afraid.
>why not? I would just start to have a look at other sound applications 
>try to understand what they do. That's actually how I did it. And then 
>can get yourself a working installation of alsa and try to build the
>existing documentation. In the meantime there's even a small primer,
>how to open a sound device and make some noise.

because its far from clear that this is the right thing to do with an
SC port. if you don't know what SC is, you might not realize that the
way 95% of all linux audio applications are written doesn't fit with
SC's basic architectural model at all. many people think that writing
a soundapp consists of opening a device, dumping some data to it and
closing it. some programs can do that, but SC cannot.

i don't know how much the questioner knows about the internal design
of SC. its therefore not possible to answer the question until he pins
down what he wants to do. 


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