[linux-audio-dev] LADSPA and TiMidity++

David Olofson david at gardena.net
Thu Sep 19 22:45:12 UTC 2002

On Thursday 19 September 2002 20.07, Peter L Jones wrote:
> > An alternative is to make
> > TiMidity++ a jack client, and then you can pipe jack output to an
> > LADSPA network if you wish, via maybe ardour.
> That's fine if you're controlling TiMidity++ etc from a PC - but
> how do I fix up the pipeline from my controller keyboard?

Same way as with current TiMidity++, I guess. (JACK doesn't deal with 
MIDI, so that's still up to clients.)

So, provided you can have Ardour or some other app do MIDI controlled 
mixer configuration ("net building") and perhaps automation, making 
TiMidity++ a JACK client that outputs each MIDI channel's voices to 
it's own port, would form a complete solution.

> That depends on a number of factors (e.g. how much RAM you have). 
> It's not something that's bothering me at the moment.  I'm not
> skilled enough to be switching patches mid-play :-).

In fact, you should never do that anyway, as mosts synths do weird 
things when switching patches. Many will just kill any playing voices 
on the channel. Most h/w synths can't play patches directly from 
storage, as that's usually slow and/or "off-bus" memory. Instead, 
they have one local patch memory area for each "part"/MIDI channel. 
As a result, they need to kill voices before switching, since they 
won't know how to control them when the old patch data has been 

Just switch to a different channel, where you have the right patch 
selected already.

I have the very same problem with Audiality, BTW, although there, the 
solution is just a matter of keeping old patch plugins in a queue, 
running in parallel with the current plugin for as long as they need. 
That kind of flexibility is one of the major advantages with "general 
purpose" computers. :-)


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