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Dave Phillips dlphilp at bright.net
Thu Sep 26 09:00:01 UTC 2002

guenter geiger wrote:
> On Thu, 26 Sep 2002, Martijn Sipkema wrote:
> > I think the question as to whether the "I wish to know that my work will be
> > used to praise the name of Jesus" is part of the license is still valid. The
> > software
> > would be non-free if it is, otherwise it would just be bad taste IMHO.
> AFAIK the GPL doesn't allow to additional restrictions regarding the use
> of the software, therefore in this case the author is clearly violating
> the GPL, hence the software would be basically without a license, and you
> are not even allowed to download it.
> At least I personally don't consider downloading it.

I quote :

"If you want to use this program to make music that is against God and
Jesus (like HeavyMetal, NewAge,..) STOP and think that you'll be judged
someday by God Himself for causing many people to loose the Salvation
and go to hell.  This will happen, no matter if you'll use my program,
else's program or anything else against Jesus's name. I wish to know
that my work will be used to praise the name of Jesus."

Yawn, heavy sigh. I couldn't give a damn what he likes or doesn't like
about my personal beliefs. His software is licensed under the GPL.
Whatever else he has to say is irrelevant in light of that license.
Nowhere in that passage does he explicitly DENY your right to use it as
you see fit, he simply has an opinion/belief about what will happen if
you use it to make certain kinds of music. A recommendation or
preference is NOT the same thing as a prohibition or restriction.

He is not demanding anything from anyone. He has clearly stated a
preference. He has an opinion about what will happen if you use his
software for some purpose other than what HE wants it used for, but he
does NOT deny your right to go ahead and use it to do any !@#$%ing thing
you want with it.

Sorry for wasting the bandwidth...

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