[linux-audio-dev] JACK Meterbridge

Joern Nettingsmeier nettings at folkwang-hochschule.de
Fri Sep 27 14:22:00 UTC 2002

Steve Harris wrote:
> http://plugin.org.uk/meterbridge/
> Almost useful and looks kinda funky. More-or-less compliant with BS
> 6840-10, BS 6840-17:1991 and IEC 268-18:1995.
> Enjoy,
>    Steve

wow, nice.
it works for me.

i could even fire up all three at once, without problems:
meterbridge -t vu alsa_pcm:in_1 alsa_pcm:in_2 &
meterbridge -t ppm alsa_pcm:in_1 alsa_pcm:in_2 &
meterbridge -t dpm alsa_pcm:in_1 alsa_pcm:in_2 &
oh ye wonders of jack.

otoh, my system load is about 1.7, with both cpus peaking at 75%, with a
roughly estimated average of 50% (from a quick glance at xosview, fwiw).
oops, forget that. i was using ssh-tunneled xterms, and sshd accounts
for most of the load. the meterbridges do not exceed 10% each. 

i'm a little puzzled by the vu meter, though. why do i have to set it to
-12 ?
if i do it looks ok, but why ? 12 db headroom for digital systems ?
out of curiosity, what would it show if i feed it maximum energy, i.e.
consecutive +/-max samples ?

the ppm is fun. i never saw one of those. still getting used to it.

i want a color-chooser dialog for the dpm. and a knob for contrast and
one for decay time.



thanks for yet another useful piece of code...


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