[linux-audio-dev] Telos LiveWire

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Thu Apr 3 16:19:00 UTC 2003

>Has anyone seen this yet?
>	http://www.rwonline.com/dailynews/one.php?id=2852
>What's particularly interesting is that, according to some of the buzz I've 
>been hearing, their primary implemention platform is Linux (in an embedded 
>mode, I imagine).  None of which is to say that it'll be Open, but this could 
>be a pretty kicking thing to have available.

i've seen 3 or 4 implementations of this idea already. nobody appears
to be doing anything particularly unusual, but the details seem to be
tricky to get 100% right (as always). you might also check out
pingaudio.com for a definitely-linux approach.

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