[linux-audio-dev] Audio* Project

Nick nicktsocanos at charter.net
Mon Apr 7 06:14:01 UTC 2003

On Mon, 2003-04-07 at 03:38, Tim Hockin wrote:
> > hello how are you. That is what drives me nuts. Software doesn't grow on
> > trees and I spent 6 hard months of intense work getting something like
> > this to come togethor.
> If you're doing it for yourself, it doesn't matter.  If you are doing it for
> recognition, you gotta promote a lot better than that.

Yeah you are right. I am quitting smoking and going crazy right now.
Please forgive me. I have to fight the cravings for a smoke and I get a
little batty right now. I really don't feel good right now.I'm all moody
and I need a smoke real bad. I have to quit, I smoke too much and can't
afford it. I keep acting crazily in the last few days. Well, more crazy
than usual :) 


See yah.
Nick <nicktsocanos at charter.net>

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