[linux-audio-dev] Synchronizing two Delta 1010 with ALSA ?

Martijn Sipkema msipkema at sipkema-digital.com
Fri Apr 11 07:29:01 UTC 2003

> I would like to write a single threaded application
>  that is able to write on all out channels (analog outs 1-8 of card 1 and
2  =
> 16 channels) simultaneously.
> The card's manual says that in order to synchronize two cards one should
> select the first card as master and set the internal clock generation
> (I do this via envy24control) and then connecting the SPDIF-OUT of card 1
> to the SPDIF-IN of card 2 and set the card 2's clock source to SPDIF-IN.

The cards' clocks will be synchronised but _not_ start/stop and there is
no good way to do it. You could try starting both devices simultaneously,
but there is no guarantee that it will succeed. If the offset that may occur
by not starting simultaneously is not important then you could just probably
make things work with extra buffering. Hardware that truly supports linking
also has start/stop sync.


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