[linux-audio-dev] SMTPE/MTC Again

John Galbraith bartok at losalamos-nm.com
Sat Apr 12 19:32:00 UTC 2003

What is the contemporary wisdom from the LAD list gurus about the proper way 
to implement MTC sync for sequencers and other tools?  There is a lengthy 
thread in the archives dating from 2000 which didn't seem to get into the 
nitty gritty, and much may have changed in three years anyway.

1) Is the sync properly implemented in a sequencer application, or does ALSA      
provide a useful framework for some kind of general solution?  I believe that 
both Ardour and Muse have MTC implementations built into the applications 
(which seem to have rotted at this point; it doesn't seem to work for me).  
Why was this, and what are the alternatives?

2) The 2000 thread discussed how bad SMTPE is for audio sync.  Unfortunately, 
SMPTE/MTP seems to be the standard that is implemented in hardware devices 
that we can actually buy.  There is probably no point in beating that dead 
horse again.  It is what we have.

3) Does Jack have a role to play in syncing applications and external hardware 

4) Does SMTPE/MTC have a role in software to software sync, or just syncing to 
external hardware?


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