[linux-audio-dev] Gibson magic protocol

Martijn Sipkema msipkema at sipkema-digital.com
Tue Apr 15 12:52:01 UTC 2003

> > > Has anybody investigated the Gibson MaGIC protocol for use on Linux?
> > looks like a perfect match: lots of audio channels and control data over
> > CAT5.  Just buy a separate network card, port their protocol to Linux,
> > then you could use their 16-in 16-out box, or get input directly
> > from one of
> > their new guitars with the RJ45 port on it.  The The only scary
> > bit is that
> > the license is free "for the next10 years" only.
> >
> > I may be wrong but I don't think this protocol will work with a
> > normal NIC. I'm not sure what (if any?) the advantages of this
> > protocol are over IEEE1394.
> I've looked at the protocol a very little bit. (I work in the 1394 area.)
> have not seen a detailed spec though, so I only have impressions. Take the
> following with a grain of salt.
> 1) I do not think the packets that are sent in this protocol will
> necessarily coexist very well with standard Ethernet, so the observation
> doing it with a second NIC is probably correct from what I can tell.
> really no different than replacing a 1394 adapter with a second NIC, which
> is probably less expensive if it works.

It will _not_ coexist with standard Ethernet and I doubt a NIC can be
used because the timing is very critical. You'd probably have to buy a
dedicated MaGIC interface.

> 2) CAT5 cables would be superior to 1394 as they are locked into the
> connectors and wouldn't fall out of your guitar. They are longer and more
> flexible. On the downside, CAT5 connectors quickly wear out so what works
> well today may not work well after a few evenings of heavy gigging.

FireWire will be able to use CAT5 also IIRC.


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