[linux-audio-dev] SoundFontCombi v0.005

holborn holborn at telefonica.net
Tue Apr 22 06:42:37 UTC 2003

Sorry for the english .. :-)

SoundFontCombi takes the advantages of ALSA sequencer and the wavetable
devices for emulate a synthetizer.

I'm not programmer, this program dont have project page, CVS, or mailing
 list, is in proof of concept rigth now. And only the binaries are available.
  Is my first program in C++, my first graphic program for *nix, and belive
 me the source code needs a "making up" rigth now.  Maybe next month when i
 learned how to do a Makefile :-)

SoundFontCombi was tested in Debian sid and Gentoo.

Requires FLTK v1.x.x (tested on v1.1.1) and ALSA with sequencer.

The binaries are available in :


Any commets will be apreciated.


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